Francisco Goya | Traslado de heridos | 11th October 2022

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If the love of art is universal, without distinction of race, beliefs or social status, its access and acquisition should also be universal. The project is driven by a spirit that could be defined, in a few words, as the democratization and decentralization of art.

New collection

Traslado de heridos

The new QuantArts collection is based on Francisco Goya's exclusive and first-class work "Translado de heridos".

It will be divided into 7001 fragments which will be equal to 1 NFT each, with coordinates, rarity and a sample of the image that would remain in your possession as the owner of that fragment.

October 11th 2022
Whitelist 400USDT | Public Sale 500 USDT
20,30 x 30,5 cm.
1808 - 1814

Art is a hybrid asset: it can be both an investment and a very long-term store of value. But first: 


What adds value to a artwork?

  • Reputation: here the degree of recognition that the author of the work has within the medium is considered, as well as the specialized criticism of the work itself; It also takes into account how little or how much the work has been included in exhibitions.


  • Demand: This factor goes hand in hand with the previous one, since the greater the reputation, the greater the demand for the work; and the higher the demand, the higher the price. It is important to mention that the demand for an author is not always homogeneous, that is, it becomes for periods, where competition causes prices to skyrocket above estimates.


  • Origin: What is the history of the work? Where does it come from? Has it been part of any historical event? Did it belong to any celebrity? Has it been part of a royal collection? The answers to these questions can cause the price to multiply, giving an added value to the object without any relation to its artistic quality.


  • Sales market: This factor is closely linked to the first two, that is, the fact that an artist has a very good reputation and demand in Mexico means that he has it in Colombia, so his works could not be acquired at the same price. in both places, since the demand is limited to a specific territory. The price of the art will depend on the market in which it is put up for sale.


  • Originality: this factor is more common in painting and sculpture, since the rarity of each work is involved, the number of identical or similar works of the same, as well as their availability in the market. An original work will always be valued more than those of which there are original copies; In other words, the greater the number of copies, the greater the offer in the market and, consequently, the lower the price of the work.

The volume of NFTs is tangible, but did you know:

How much have NFT sales grow up?

Throughout history, the most sought after by collectors has been art. Getting to pay millions for unique pieces out of the reach of 99.7% of people.

In the market we can find works of art with exorbitant prices, leading us to question the reason for them or what would motivate a person to spend so much money on a work of art when there are people who prefer to download free songs to pay the concert ticket.

Apuesta segura


En Quantarts sabemos el peso de las inversiones y los retornos, por eso nosotros mismos, si la venta de la obra no sale completada ofrecemos siempre la devolución de la inversión a nuestros clientes.

The road ahead








They profit from the royalties generated by the NFTs and the actual works.


Power of decision on the exploitation of the works with future DAO.


Generation of interest in the NFTs market for the purchase and sale of units.


Benefits of the purchases or sales of the assets.



Pablo López

General Director


Fernando Rodríguez



David Bardía

Director of acquisitions and art

Transporte de heridos

Work of art

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, painted in oil on canvas, "Traslado de heridos" between the years 1808 and 1814. Dated in one of its most outstanding periods, now it has become a unique piece in this collection of NFTs.


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